Full-evening production


3 dance pieces coreographed by me and the argentinean Patricia Rotondaro. In the piece "Green" is a colorful world that invites you with humor and irony to redefine what you see and feel. The second piece "dust of the Polar Lights" is dedicated to the natural phenomenon itself. One of the most beautiful things in this world. The last piece "Callomania" is questioned the ideal of beauty and plastic surgery from the media.


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Idee / Konzept: Patricia Rotondaro
Performer: Yannick Badier und Patricia Rotondaro
Text: Patricia Rotondaro
Lichtdesign: Emilio Diaz Abregú
Photo: Tae Peter



Choreografie: Kjersti Sandstø
Tanz: Patricia Rotondaro und Kjersti Sandstø
Video: Raoul Alain Nagel
Musik: Bugge Wesseltoft



Choreografie: Kjersti Sandstø in Zusammenarbeit mit Tänzern
Idee / Konzept: Kjersti Sandstø
Tänzer / innen: Patricia Rotondaro, Reinier Matthew Powell, Kjersti Sandstø
Video: Zeno Georgius
Musik: Sound Collage / Raoul Alain Nagel