Loved One / Voljen

Full-evening production


“Love is nothing other than the undying thirst of the heart to be seen as a whole” Henry Van Dyke


Being seen is a basic human need. But what does this actually mean? And how do I fulfil it? By putting myself in the centre? Where is the border between narcissism and the normal human need to be seen? Today’s multimedia society enables us to present ourselves convincingly, to sell ourselves well, sometimes at any price. The stage is used as a playground to put oneself in the limelight. The audience is happy, the goal is achieved. Attention is paid to me, I am applauded and seen. But still …. “People used to strive to get to heaven, now they want to be on TV”. What impels people to do this? What lies behind it? What are we actually striving for? And, above all, HOW do we wish to be seen or loved?


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Choreography: Kjersti Sandstø
Dance: Milica Pisic, Nevena Jovanovic, Nikola Tomasevic, Strahinja Lackovic, Miona Petrovic, Ana Ignjatovic, Milos Isailovic
Music: Richie Hawtin, Bjørk, Depeche Mode, Elvis, Arve Henriksen,

Nils Petter Molvær
Premiere: BITEF Teatar, Belgrade, 2010