Full-evening  production


On the power of the present and the art of living in the Now (“jetzt”). Thoughts can shift between the past and the future, but the body is always in the Now. A pleasurable, pulsating creation with a touch of sensuality and surrealism.


„do not place your happiness in the days to come, the older we get, the more we feel that the enjoyment of the moment is a state of grace, a golden gift” Marie Curie


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Choreography: Kjersti Müller-Sandstø
Dance: Fiona Hirzel, Lazaro Godoy, Erick Guillard, Kjersti Müller-Sandstø
Music: Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft
Production: Kuno Müller-Sandstø
Production director: Martina Kamm
Premiere: 30.11.2006, Blauer Saal, Zurich


“I was impressed by your choreography in “Jetzt”, by the dance and the ever-recurring joke.” Nelli

“Wonderful energy, quality and joie de vivre.” Petra Waldinsperger

“Jetzt” greatly moved me, astonished, titillated and inspired me. Thank you.” Jeanine