C’est ca o la la

Full-evening production


Magic of Poetry-the desire-the fragility at light glamour. The duet with live-music interprets the novel  “the rayon girl/ Das kunstseidene Mädchen” by Irmgard Keum, with selfironical eye blinks, funny cabaret interludes and high sensitivity.


Dance theatre at its best, “C’est ça o la la” was one of the best productions on the free dance scene in Zurich during the 2001/02 season. The two protagonists gave the audience an impressive insight into a wide spectrum of human feelings and interpersonal situations. Both artistes are not only expressive, but also technically talented dancers. Dance commission, Zuerich, Jean Deroc, 6.11.2002


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Choreography and dance: Frank Rutishauser and Kjersti Müller-Sandstø
Directed by: Thomas J. Hauck
Live music/composer: Martin Villiger
Premiere: 4.10.2002, Theater Rigiblick, Zurich


“Lightness distinguishes the entire production. Scenes are developed in a very individual language, full of the highest poetry and then suddenly the greatest absurdity or violence. We hope that Kjersti Müller-Sandstø will continue to work in Zurich and further develop her exceptional dance and choreographic language here.” Culture ministry, Zuerich, Alice Thaler, 20.10.2002

“C’est ça o la la” is one of the best pieces I have seen in a long time! It is well constructed, followed an idea that is easy for the audience to grasp, from beginning to the end…..a handsome couple, physically pleasing to watch, but also beautiful movers who dominate the stage with their presence. They are sincere in their work and not afraid to go all the way with their emotions and presence, sharing an intimacy with the public that touches a deep side of one’s self. True artistes!” Dance commission Zuerich, Shonach Mirk, 3.11.2002