Never failed

Short production


The radical portrayal of the murder of a soul by a rape both shocks and moves, Kjersti Müller-Sandstø  won the 2nd prize for choreography at the 4th International Solo Dance Theatre Festival in Stuttgart for this dance, that is as sympathetic as it is grotesque in its stubborn presentation of this theme.


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Choreographie und Tanz: Kjersti Müller-Sandstø
Max Greger, Slock, Gavin Bryars
23.3.2000, Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart


“The second prize for choreography went to the Norwegian

Kjersti Müller-Sandstø for “Never Failed”


The dancer transforms herself to her very fingertips, with every muscle, into a raging woman, in order to savour life to the full, between joy and loss, the better to bind herself to divine love – as was indicated by the playing of the Gavin Bryars song, “Jesus Blood never failed me“.  Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 29.03.2000