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A piece about the heart. The heart, the engine of our circulatory system, and much more. A muscle – actually the only one in our body – that is not controlled by our brain. It is the source of life. In “Herzblut” (lifeblood), the heart is analysed earnestly and with humour, both biologically and psychologically. A dramatic and sweeping production.


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Choreography and dance: Kjersti Müller-Sandstø
Production: Thomas J. Hauck
Music: Kimmo Pohjonen
Video: Katrin Oettli
Production director: Liliana Heldner Neil
Premiere: 16.6.2004, Theater am Brennpunkt, Baden


“Cie. Müller-Sandstø presented a performance evening of the best standard: the solo dance piece “Herzblut” turned out to be a captivating combination of dance, video and theatre. As gifted in gestures and expression as in dance itself, Müller-Sandstø took us on a tour of the heart….. Kjersti Müller- Sandstø’s stage presence has an intense effect on the audience who enthusiastically  enjoyed the evening. And Müller-Sandstø showed that she can also sing; a Swedish folk song…..about joy and suffering. To sum up: an impressive evening with the Compagnie Müller-Sandstø” Aargauer Zeitung 17.6.2004

“The Norwegian embassy attended the “Herzblut” performance in Zurich,  2004. The solo performance by Kjersti Müller-Sandstø was impressive and got also praised in the media. She is a reliable artiste, who engages with the audience. Ms Müller- Sandstø is currently working on her next piece “jetzt”, with music by Nils Petter Molvær. The embassy would react very positively to such a project being carried out. The embassy wishes to continue supporting Ms Müller- Sandstø in the future and to promote her work in Switzerland.” Lars Petter Forberg, Ambassador in Berne, 5.9.2006